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How to Get Around The Bahamas

Traffic on the Bahamas drives on the left.

Car rental is the most convenient, but expensive, way to travel around the island. Visitors staying in Nassau can easily get by without transport. Cars can be rented from the airport, port and some hotels. Minimum 21 years and valid driver’s license required, but home license acceptable for up to three months.

Taxis are easy to find in Nassau, the airport and the port. Fares are fixed according to zone. They can also be flagged down at the roadside.

Public transport in the Out Islands is poor, with visitors restricted to private taxis.

The Bahamas’ favorite mode of transport is the public buses or “jitney.” These 32-seater buses cover most parts of the island from early morning to around 7pm, although Sunday service is sparse. Jitneys are a great way to move around Nassau, with the #10 bus serving Nassau, Cable beach and the resorts. Flag buses down at the roadside.

One of the more picturesque ways to get around on Nassau is the water taxi between Nassau and Paradise Island. Visitors can also reach the Out Islands of Abacos, Eleuthera and the Exumas by the island ferry service.

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