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Things to Know BEFORE You Go to the French Islands

Essential Information US, Canadian and EU visitors will not find any Caribbean island which requires an entry visa, although US visitors require special permission to visit Cuba. Travel insurance is recommended for any trip to the Caribbean, particularly emergency evacuation coverage in case airlift is required. Check also that insurance policies cover so-called dangerous activities such as scuba diving. FRENCH …

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How to Get To Guadeloupe FWI

Airports and airlines: Le Raizet Airport, Pointe a Pitre (PTP). No direct flights from the US, whose passengers will need to connect from San Juan instead. Air Canada flies direct. Daily flights from France on Air France and Air Caraibes. Regional service on LIAT to other islands, with shuttle service to Marie Galante and Les Saintes. Regular shuttle on Air …

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How to Get Around Guadeloupe

The best way to get around Guadeloupe is by rental car, available at the airport in Pointe-à- Pitre and at the resorts, but agencies are typically booked out over the Christmas period. Taxis are metered and fairly expensive, especially at night. Much cheaper and not much of a drop in quality is the public bus system which covers most routes, …

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Where to Stay in Guadeloupe

4,500 rooms, 55% Overview The best beaches, and thus the savviest resorts, are along the south coast of Grand Terre, in Gosier, St. Anne and St. Francois, where you’ll find a strip of three- and four-star resorts, such as the Club Med La Caravelle in St. Anne. Deals Not too many unless booking with flight directly from France. Highlights The …

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What to Eat & Drink in the French Islands

At the top end, Caribbean dining stands toe to toe with anything on offer in major North American or European cities, not least because a trail of renowned chefs have made their way to the Caribbean to take charge of restaurants in the luxury resorts. The real joy, however, is discovering those unannounced roadside stalls and beach bars where the …

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