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How to Get Around Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has a large area to cover with some fast highways linking the major cities.

Rent a car at Picarco International Airport in Port of Spain or Tobago’s Crown Point. Rental cars are far more appropriate for Tobago, where the local public transport works at a slow pace.

In both islands, traffic drives on the left.

Taxis and private mini vans have license plates starting with the letter H, with taxi stands on most street corners in the cities.

Passenger can also take maxi taxis or mini buses which have seating for 12 or 24 persons. Routes are indicated by colored bands on the sides.

The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) operates bus routes for Trinidad’s major cities, but with no timetable to speak of. Passengers must purchase tickets in the terminal rather than pay the driver in cash. Buses clearly display a company logo or are painted blue and white, yellow or white and red.

The main terminal in Port of Spain is at City Gate.

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