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Things to Know BEFORE You Go to Trinidad and Tobago

Essential Information US, Canadian and EU visitors will not find any Caribbean island which requires an entry visa, although US visitors require special permission to visit Cuba. Travel insurance is recommended for any trip to the Caribbean, particularly emergency evacuation coverage in case airlift is required. Check also that insurance policies cover so-called dangerous activities such as scuba diving. TRINIDAD …

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How to Get to Trinidad and Tobago

Airports and airlines: Piarco International Airport (POS), Port of Spain, has direct flights from US, Canada, and UK on United Airlines, AA, Caribbean Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and British Airways, with LIAT and Caribbean Airlines providing regional coverage. ANR Robinson Airport, Tobago, has a handful of direct flights to the UK, US, Germany and Sweden, with British Airways, Condor, Caribbean Airlines …

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How to Get Around Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has a large area to cover with some fast highways linking the major cities. Rent a car at Picarco International Airport in Port of Spain or Tobago’s Crown Point. Rental cars are far more appropriate for Tobago, where the local public transport works at a slow pace. In both islands, traffic drives on the left. Taxis and private mini …

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Where to Stay in Trinidad and Tobago

6,000 rooms, 52% occupancy Overview The distinction should be made between laid-back Tobago and bustling Trinidad, which attracts a fair amount of business travelers. In Port of Spain, the Hyatt Regency, Carlton and Hilton provide a stylish retreat from a sometimes overbearing city. In Tobago, Pigeon Point is one of the better beaches, with the nearby Coco Reef Resort, while …

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What to Eat & Drink in Trinidad and Tobago

At the top end, Caribbean dining stands toe to toe with anything on offer in major North American or European cities, not least because a trail of renowned chefs have made their way to the Caribbean to take charge of restaurants in the luxury resorts. The real joy, however, is discovering those unannounced roadside stalls and beach bars where the …

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Where to Go in Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, the Trinidad capital, has the energy and edge of a large, industrial city. Some parts, in fact, are worth avoiding, but a day around Queen’s Park Savannah takes you back to the city’s former glory. Tour groups also head to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to glide among the mangroves in a canoe and spot the national Red …

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