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How to Get Around

Navigate the Island like a Local! Tips for – Rental Cars, Taxis, Tours, Inter-island Ferries and Island Maps

How to Get Around Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad has a large area to cover with some fast highways linking the major cities. Rent a car at Picarco International Airport in Port of Spain or Tobago’s Crown Point. Rental cars are far more appropriate for Tobago, where the local public transport works at a slow pace. In both islands, traffic drives on the left. Taxis and private mini …

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How to Get Around Aruba

Rental cars are prevalent around the airport, but you must be at least 23. For journeys into the interior or the more remote beaches, a 4×4 is the most appropriate. All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are also popular, but watch out for roaming donkeys and potholes on the way. Aruba has an excellent bus system, running into the late evening, with 16 …

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How to Get Around St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Drivers in St. Vincent need to buy a temporary driver’s permit ($24), available from the police station on in Kingstown or in Port Elizabeth, Bequia. Like many of the Windward islands, a single road completes a tour of the island, so to get from one side of the island to the other, driver’s must do the tour. Many drivers will …

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How to Get Around St. Lucia

Cars can be rented in Castries, Soufrière and Vieux Fort, or through hotels. St. Lucia’s road system is fairly easy to navigate as it loops around the island. Roads can be poor, however, so take an SUV or 4×4 if possible. Most locals and tourists get around by privately owned minivans. Buses have green license plates, while taxis display blue …

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How to Get Around St. Barts

Taxis congregate around the airport and port in Gustavia. The best option is a rental or scooter, located at the airport, or delivered straight to your hotel. Be warned that there are only two gas stations on the island, and both are closed on Sunday. If St. Barts had a public bus system, it would require tinted windows and payment …

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How to Get Around St. Martin

Taxis can be found around the harbor in Marigot or at Orient Bay. Rates are fixed according to zone. Buses run regularly from Marigot and Grand Case to Philipsburg, but not around Orient Bay. Hail them along the route and look for the destination in the window. Most car rental firms are around the airport on the Dutch side of …

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How to Get Around Martinique

Car rentals are abundant at the airport, but quality varies enormously so stick with a recognizable name. Be warned that traffic congestion in some areas, such as Fort de France, can be soul-sapping. Taxis cover the main routes but are prohibitively expensive considering the availability of minibuses (marked with TC) which zip across the island from Fort-de-France to popular tourist …

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How to Get Around Guadeloupe

The best way to get around Guadeloupe is by rental car, available at the airport in Pointe-à- Pitre and at the resorts, but agencies are typically booked out over the Christmas period. Taxis are metered and fairly expensive, especially at night. Much cheaper and not much of a drop in quality is the public bus system which covers most routes, …

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How to Get Around in The Cayman Islands

Drive on the left. Rental agencies and taxis are plentiful at the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). Car rental agencies require a driving permit, costing US$7.50 and valid for 6 months. Most agencies are located around the airport terminal on Grand Cayman. The Cayman bus service is restricted to eight routes, with 38 buses, and is the most popular choice …

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How to Get Around Barbados

Traffic drives on the left. Most car rental agencies in Barbados are locally run and don’t tend to have booths at the airport, but will deliver to hotels. Rental cars are marked with an H on the license plate. The best option, though, is the island’s outstanding bus system, which is regular, clean, safe and offers a fixed fare of …

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