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How to Get Around Barbados

Traffic drives on the left.

Most car rental agencies in Barbados are locally run and don’t tend to have booths at the airport, but will deliver to hotels. Rental cars are marked with an H on the license plate.

The best option, though, is the island’s outstanding bus system, which is regular, clean, safe and offers a fixed fare of Bds$1.50 for any journey.

Government-run buses are blue with a yellow stripe; privately operated minibuses, are painted yellow with a blue stripe; route taxis are white and sport a ZR on their license plates. These tend to start and stop at regular intervals so may not be the fastest way to get around. Barbados’ bus stops are marked with red-and-white signs and indicate whether the route is ‘To City’ or ‘Out of City’. Buses usually have their destinations posted on the windshield.

Taxis, on the other hand, have a Z on the license plate and can be picked up at the roadside around most tourist areas.

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