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How to Get Around in St. Maarten

Most of the car rental agencies are in or around the airport. Rental cars carry an R license plate which unfortunately makes them a sitting target for thieves in some places.

Driving is fairly simple on the island but traffic can be gridlocked at times, especially when the bridges around Simpson Bay are up.

The major car-rental agencies require that renters be at least 25 years old.

Taxis are based at the airport and at the cruise ship port and run regular trips to all the major areas. Fares are fixed and high.

Beware the so-called unlicensed gypsy taxis that wait outside the cruise port.

Buses are the best way to travel between Philipsburg, Simpson Bay and Marigot, but are non-existent in some parts of the island. There are no scheduled stops and they can be hailed or halted anywhere along the route. Look out for the final destination displayed on the front windshield.

Scooters can be rented but theft is a serious problem.

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