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How to Get Around Jamaica

Traffic drives on the left.

Car rentals are abundant around the airports, ports and tourist areas, but renters must be 21 years (some companies require 25) and a US$500 deposit is required. Visitors can use their home driver’s license for short stays.

Be warned that gas is measured in Imperial gallons and that most gas stations only take cash.

Although car rentals are a good way of exploring the out-of-the-way parishes, the hassles of windy roads and potholes can outweigh the convenience. Those staying in Montego Bay and Negril will find other options.

Taxis are the best alternative, but only the official Jamaica Union of Travelers Association (JUTA) taxis which carry red license plates marked with a P or PPV and are reserved exclusively for tourists. Steer clear of so-called robot taxis, which are unlicensed.

The Knutsford Express line is a comfortable option for travel on routes along the north coast or cross-island to Kingston. The buses come with air conditioning, bathroom and refreshments.

Jamaica is big enough to sustain an internal flight network for travel over the mountains between resorts on the north coast and Kingston. Air Jamaica Express offers scheduled flights daily from Kingston to Montego Bay, and between Kingston and Ocho Rios. There are even flights from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios.

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