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Things to Know BEFORE You Go to the Dominican Republic

Essential Information

US, Canadian and EU visitors will not find any Caribbean island which requires an entry visa, although US visitors require special permission to visit Cuba. Travel insurance is recommended for any trip to the Caribbean, particularly emergency evacuation coverage in case airlift is required. Check also that insurance policies cover so-called dangerous activities such as scuba diving.


Columbus’ base for exploration of the New World, Santo Domingo packs in some serious colonial history with a superlative array of beaches, mountains and waterfalls. Home of the highest mountain in the Caribbean.

Area: 18,560 sq miles

Population: 10.2 million

Capital: Santo Domingo

Political: Independent from Haiti since the 19th

Official website: www.godominicanrepublic.com

Indigenous name: Quisqueya

Currency Dominican Peso.

Passport Valid passport required

Visa Needs No visa required, but all visitors must buy a tourist card $10 at the airport. Stay up to 30 days.

Health Care Santo Domingo has excellent private hospitals, but outside the capital, English language use is rare and blood supplies limited. Malaria and cholera in parts of the country. Private health centers in most tourist centers.

Banks & ATMS. ATMS for foreign withdrawals widespread. Distribute in Pesos.

Free WIFI Locations. No problem throughout tourist resorts.

Internet Cafes. Lots of small cybercafés.

Cell Phones access/Dialing Code +809. Very few public phones but some of the most comprehensive cell coverage in Latin America.

Safety Tips. Crime a serious consideration in Santo Domingo, especially at night. If involved in a serious incident, look first for the Cestur tourist police rather than the national police force.

Departure Tax $20

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